There is an abundance of incredible recorded music out there to be heard. I won’t preach about vinyl, but that is my preference. Original press or re-issue, drill hole, label VG- whatever… As a music enthusiast first and foremost, I aspire to acquire the most genuine and crafted songs for my collection every opportunity I delve into a pile of records. I thrive off those moments of anticipation when you throw the record on the turntable, waiting for the first measure… in hopes of a ridiculous drum intro, paired with a thumping bass line, maybe a quick horn punch to the gut. These are the moments I crave over and over again. Easier said than done! Fortunately, I encounter these spells with a variety of styles of music. Soul, Jazz, Funk, Salsa, Dub, Hip Hop…African Diaspora. These records that mesmerize me are the gems I lug out to a gig and incorporate into a set. A majority of these discs aren’t familiar to the average listener. Every gig is different; rarely do I have a set planned out. Visualize if you will, assembling a complex puzzle with hundreds of small pieces, one piece at a time without a photograph to work from. There is a general border, but I generally let the music dictate the set while feeling the crowd’s vibe as I twist and turn through the musical labyrinth.

The Solid-Fi Sound collection has 20,000 records with an emphasis in Soul, Funk, R&B, Caribbean, Latin, Jazz, Early Hip Hop, and dance floor favorites.



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